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5 Things That Your Document Translator Needs To Know

The expertise of a translator is needed when you need to translated certain documents to a new language. If you are running a business with foreign partners, it is imperative that there are communication gaps that can lead to misunderstanding, especially business documents. Translating it would enable you to communicate better with foreign entities.

But before that happens, you need to get in touch first with trusted translators in Dubai and provide them with the details they need to get the job done, such as:

  1. The purpose of the document


Some clients think that this is not necessary for document translation, but the truth is, it is essential for the success of the translation. By knowing the purpose, the translator will have a general idea what the document is all about and what the readers would get from it. This would help them build a better context of the document which is crucial for the understanding of the intended audience.


  1. The target audience


The intended readers are the ones who will cannibalize the document, so it is a must that you write for them. The translator should have a better understanding of the psyche of the target audience so they can write and translate the document based on the target audience’s voice. Giving them the profile of the intended readers would help the translators to get to know the target audience better.


  1. The technical details of document


The technical details of the document include the number of pages, words, the language it will be translated to, and the terms and jargons that should be used for the document. These details would help them to plan their phasing in terms of translation.


  1. The timeline


The translator are quite wary about accepting projects that are urgent since it can compromise the quality of their translation. It would be best if you can give them appropriate time to get the job done to ensure the quality of the output. You and translator would need to agree on a timeline that is fair for both parties.


  1. The agreed rate


The rate and mode of payment of translator varies, so you need to know their rate and packages before entering into an agreement with them. These details should be discussed upon initial meeting so both parties can negotiate their terms for the rates and the payment structure.

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