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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips for Cosmetic Patients

Recovery from a breast augmentation procedure would depend on a number of factors – from the patient’s health to the kind of procedure that was performed. But the patient’s ability to follow instructions to perform post-op recovery pointers.

If you will be undergoing a breast augmentation in Dubai in the near future, here are some recovery tips that you need to remember so you can have a successful healing after the procedure:

  • Be patient

It is understandable for patients to feel excited and see the end-results of the grueling procedure. Some patients tend to poke the area, checked the dressing, and check out the incision. Do not get too excited. Checking out the operated area from time to time is okay. But if you keep disturbing the wound, there is a high chance that it will be infected and will prolong the recovery period. Be patient and try not to poke it.

  • Learn to manage the pain and discomfort

After the surgery, expect that there will be pain and swelling. Your surgeon will probably prescribe pain medications to manage the pain and the soreness. Be sure to take those prescriptions. You can also wear a post-operative bra or a compression bandage to help support your breast and ease the discomfort. Your doctor will also recommend to do some breast massages to alleviate the swelling in the operated area. Better ask your surgeon the proper way to do it to avoid further complications caused by improper massage techniques.

  • Attend your post-op appointments

You need to remember that the treatment doesn’t stop with the procedure. Your surgeon would need to do follow up checkups and tests to ensure that the incisions are healing well and also to check if there is a need for more surgeries to achieve your desired results. Be sure not to miss your post-op meetings and checkups.

  • Get a caregiver

The first few days after the surgery will be grueling with all the pain and swelling. It would be best if you can get someone to help you with your recovery in the next few weeks. Getting a temp caregiver would be the ideal solution, but you can also ask a friend or a close relative to help you out.

  • Limit physical movements

A breast augmentation procedure is a critical procedure. Too much movement after the operation can compromise the incision and the wound and can affect the implant settling process. Try to minimize your movement and avoid strenuous physical activities.

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