Difference between PG and VG in E liquids

When you visit the any shop of vape in Dubai mall then you will get the option to choose the one out of two types of e liquid UAE. These are the options of getting the e liquid with Propylene glycol which is PG or vegetable glycerin which is VG. Both of these are less harmful and each of these has their own properties and benefits. If you are the one to think about starting e cigarettes then you have to see the benefits if both of them here so that you can decide which one to choose:

Consistency: PG is a little thinner than the VG and will make it easier to absorb through all the materials in the vapes. On the other hand VG is although good to use as tit is acquired through the vegetables but it is thicker in consistency and this thickness will make it difficult to absorb and become vaporized. It also makes the life of the atomizer smaller because its thickness will produce more residue than the PG and then you have to buy it more often.

Taste: When we get the e liquid having PG in it then there will be no flavor of this chemical you can feel because PG is by nature tasteless. This is the property that makes it more desirable by the E smokers. On the other hand VG has a sweeter taste as it is also used as the sweetener to replace sugar. If you like to have a sweeter taste in your vape then you can go for the one having VG in it.

Vapors: PG is thinner so it also produces less dense vapors but VG being the thicker one produces more dense vapors so the people who like to smoke due to the production of vapors will like to have the vapes with VG in it rather than PG. But people who like the effect of cigarette in their mouth and throat will likely to have the vapes with PG in them. Due to the thinness of PG it will create the effect of normal cigarette in the throat when it is taken.

Allergy: Some people will get allergies by using PG but also few people can get it too with the use of VG but many people will get phlegm due to use of VG.