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5 Benefits Of Vitamin C In The Body

Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is known to boost our immune system. Appropriate level of Vitamin C in the body can help your cells to heal quickly and prevent common diseases and illnesses like colds.

But aside from giving our body an extra boost of protection, it can also bring a number of benefits. Read on to know more about the few more health merits this vitamin can provide:

  1. Enhance absorption of Iron

Iron is an nutrient needed by the body to maintain a good level of red blood cells, and an ample supply or red blood cells helps the body function better as it aid in distributing oxygen in different parts of the body. Regular intake of Vitamin C (preferably 280g) can help with increase iron absorption in the body.

  1. Maintains your teeth and bones

Calcium is not the only substance and vitamins that can help promote oral health. A healthy intake of Vitamin C can help maintain bone density. If taken with Vitamin E, it can protect the bones and maintain the strength of your skeletal system, including your pearly whites. This is necessary, especially for patients who are at risk with osteoporosis and other bone-related problems. It can help prevent or lessen the chances of tooth decay.

  1. Help maintain a healthy skin

Vitamin C can help make your skin glowing and healthy. Regular intake of ascorbic acid can help increase the production of collagen, an important protein found in skin and connective tissues. Appropriate levels of Vitamin C can also help heal wounds faster and lightens the appearance of scars and marks. This is one of the reasons why some cosmetic patients go for a Vitamin C injection for skin after going through a cosmetic surgical procedure.

  1. Helps muscle tissue to heal and regenerate

Intense workouts and exercise can cause muscles stiffness and possibly damage. Vitamin C can help your muscles tissues to heal quickly. Taking Vitamin C before your workout can also help to reduce the symptoms of muscles soreness, thus, preventing damage.

  1. Serves as an antioxidant

Constant exposure to free radicals can cause serious oxidative damage in the body. This damage can lead to serious medical conditions like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C acts like an antioxidant that flushes out these radicals and contaminants before it can cause more damage in the body.

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